I'm an allround philosopher with a keen interest in, among others, online manipulation and autonomy; self-knowledge and oppression; free speech; online and offline harassment; the (moral) value of art and aesthetics; love, care and passion; academic activism; moral pedagogy and feminist ethics, including reflection on how (not) to do and teach ethics and the (in)significance of moral theory. 
I am passionate about public philosophy, as they call it, though I prefer to think of public philosophy as philosophy proper. More proper, sometimes, than academic philosophy. 
I enjoy philosophy, most of the time, but I also place high value on my non-academic life, and I do my best to prioritize accordingly. I am passionate about photography, reading and writing fiction, mountains and rocks and other things vertical, and much else besides. I also believe prioritizing these activities make me a better academic, but that would be to get my priorities wrong.
I offer a course and masterclasses in creative academic writing (see here). You can also contact me for one-on-one support, e.g. if you are working on a grant proposal/presentation and could use some help with getting a complex message across to a non-specialist audience.
Thank you!
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